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It’s no wonder that recurring revenue is the holy grail of freelancers and small businesses alike. With a recurring income you can sleep that little bit easier knowing that all (or at least some) of your monthly costs are covered, and focus on growth.

The types of businesses that have introduced subscription models is ever increasing. So if you are a business owner, it pays to consider whether you can incorporate subscriptions into your business model.

These are some ideas for subscription-based business models which combine one-off sales with recurring plans:

Drink Boxes with matching mixers and goodies turn a one-off sale into a repeat customer. Great examples are the Dunnet Bay Distillers Refill Rewards Club in Scotland and The Liquid Director Gin Club in Germany.

Weekly Groceries are growing in popularity, and when paired with a focus on local produce offer a desireable and sustainable alternative for busy households. Great examples are Ottawa Organics and Farm a Leaf, Connecticut in the US.

Hobby, Craft and Art supplies deliver curated boxes with every month bringing something new as demonstrated by Upcrate in Germany.

The same principle of curated high quality supplies can be applied to almost anything. From beauty supplies like Look Fantastic and Glossy Box in the UK, daily essentials like the Dollar Shave Club or even sports wear as shown by Fabletics.

What’s common to many of these businesses is the combination of one-off delivery with a recurring plan, given customers the flexibility to choose what feels right for them, and maximising the turnover pontential for business owners.

With WooCommerce this type of shop is easy to set up when you pair Woo Subscriptions with All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions or a similar plugin which turns any standard product into a subscription.

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