• The silent disappearance of the WooCommerce compatibility upgrade notice

    A murder mystery hunt for the missing WooCommerce compatibility updgrade notice on the plugins update page.

  • How to use the new WooCommerce hook “woocommerce_email_sent”

    In WooCommerce 5.6.0 the Woo team add a hook to the email send function. This hook was requested by myself a while back as I needed the ability to generate an order note when a Woo order email was sent. My original proposal was for a hook added in the email classes but Claudio Sanchez […]

  • Stock Updates with WooCommerce

    Every business holding stock needs to reconcile the online stock numbers with actual stock in the warehouse on a regular basis to ensure the stock levels are accuarate. Discrepancies can arise from a variety of everyday reasons such as breakage that wasn’t recorded online, mistakes made with editing or refunding of orders, mistakes with the […]

  • How to check if WooCommerce is activated on WP multisite

    Typically the plugins I write are not standalone but require other plugins such as WooCommerce to be enabled to work correctly. So before I run my plugin, I need to check if the plugin I depend on is activated. In a multisite environment this gets a bit more complicated. If my own plugin is networkwide […]

  • Coping with sudden demand in a WooCommerce shop

    Covid-19 has brought many challenges for shop owners. Whilst some shops are at a standstill, others have experienced a sudden increase in demand which can quickly overwhelm the capacity of the team to fulfil orders. In this article I explain possible strategies to cope with a sudden increase in demand. But first, why does a […]

  • Restock on Refund in WooCommerce

    For WooCommerce 4.0 and older, restocking on refund has two possible ways of being handled: A refund of the order where the order status is changed to “Refunded” triggeres a restock of all items in the order. A partial refund of the order gives the admin the option to restock or not with a tick […]

  • File Deletions in WP All Import

    Last updated 1 April 2020. The WordPress plugin “WP All Import” allows site admins to bulk upload data in CSV (or other) formats. Its Pro version is compatible with WooCommerce and ACF, making it a popular choice for Woo shop owners to bulk import and update product data. WP All Import comes with a multitude […]